Hello And Welcome to My Personal WebSite

This Site is for my Personal Use Only!!
I did leave a link into the old BBS system so if you want to visit it then your more then welcome too.
The BBS name is Unleashed BBS and it started in the late 80's and ran for almost 11 years after which i decided to shut it down due to be internet being born and people started forgetting about the old dialup BBS's.

I'm bringing Unleashed BBS back online as a telnet only BBS. just for the younger generation can see how it was back in the day. In My younger days i really enjoyed loging into a bbs that was local and could chat with all the locals in my area.

For My Friends if i gave you a USER NAME and PASSWORD then your welcome to view the files and BBS also.

The Remaining Links are for me only and no one has ACCESSS TO THEM.
Prokesh Server