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    From HusTler@FREEWAY to MRO on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 07:58:00
    Re: Pay Pal / Ebay
    By: MRO to HusTler on Tue Oct 20 2020 04:54 pm

    Especially if you buy something for under 100 bucks. As a person living

    usually ebay will back you up and refund you.

    Yea.. I opened a case so I'll see what happens. This is my first one. The case is with paypal. Paypal is who I have a problem with. The entire internet requires paypal. I got the darn thing working so that's good. The memory chip was bad. I just happened to have another one and it works fine. Installed Lubuntu and I'm good to go. The seller should have stated it had a bad memory chip and only boot to bios. It worked out for me but it should have been listed as "Not Working for parts only". Bitch Bitch Bitch LOL


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