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Welcome To Unleashed BBS The Only Remaining BBS in CENTRAL ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm your Sysop Daphantom. I've Started Unleashed BBS back in the late 80's and had shut it down since them

but Decided to Start it back up again! Currently there is no files online, a Few Doors which isn't regstered yet, InterBBS DOORS

I do have a Message base still adding more as i get time, so pretty much this is work in progres

The File Area link On the Left hand side nav buttons only works with Internet Explorer or Microsoft EDGE Browsers, For Chrome Users there is a FTP link at the Bottom of the page you can use to access the FTP

Also any file downloaded from Unleashed BBS site is at your own risk i've tested the files with a virus scanner and it reported it clean but there always that chance

Additional Services

[web telnet] [java telnet] [telnet] [rlogin] [ftp] [irc] [news] [gopher]

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